Distinguished persons of Dalsinghsarai

Alok Kumar Mehta
MLA, Ujiyarpur
Minister, Bihar Government

Nityanand Rai
MP, Ujiyarpur
President, Bihar BJP

Vijay Kumar Choudhary
Speaker, Bihar Assembly
Former President, Bihar JD(U)

Ashok Kumar
Golf player of India


Famous personalities of Dalsinghsarai

Most Famous Maithili Poet. 
Vidyapatinagar, a place very near to the town, is believed to be the place where the renowned poet breathed his last in search of Lord Shiva. As the myth goes, Lord Shiva was associated with him since long in the guise of his servant named Ugna. It is said that he wanted to breath his last at the banks of Ganges and was travelling towards it. But due to his failing health, he was not able to reach the banks of Ganges and so the river changed its course to reach him. There is a big old temple of Lord Shiva known as Vidyapati Dham in commemoration of this great poet and devotee. 

Babu Dharnidhar Prasad
Freedom Fighter. 
Babu Dharnidhar Prasad born in a village in Dalsinghsarai locality, was a very famous lawyer in Darbhanga court. He was one of the close companions of Mahatma Gandhi during his first experiment of AHIMSA in India i.e, "Neel aAndolan" in Champaran. Gandhiji have acknowledged his contributions, when he was in Champaran to inquire into the condition of the Champaran agriculturists and understand their grievances against the indigo planters. Mahatma Gandhi has also mentioned his contributions in his autobiography "THE STORY OF MY EXPERIMENTS WITH TRUTH" (in part five).

Ramadhari Singh Dinkar
Famous Hindi Poet. 
Rastrakavi Ramdhari Singh Dinkar worked as sub registrar in the Registry office of DalsingSarai for many years.