The Bastipur Wolf Boy

An account of the Batsipur wolf boy taken from the Indian Mirror (of Calcutta) on Sunday, the 19th February 1893.

"Babu Bhagelu Singh, a Zemindar of the Bhagalpore District, lately came out for hunting in his diara lands near a village called Bazitpore, a few mites off Dalsingsarai Station, on the Tirhut and Bengal Northwestern Railway. As he was aiming at a wild animal, he found someone like a human being at a distance entering the jungle, as if through fear. This aroused his curiosity, and he ordered his followers to hunt for the object.

After a diligent search they found a boy, about fourteen years old, who was stark naked. He has been brought from the jungle and kept in the Cutcharry-barry of the Zemindar Babu at Bazitpore. He cannot speak, but can laugh and make a chattering sound. He does not eat any cooked things, etc., but eats everything raw, such as raw fish, frogs, etc. When catching frogs or such other living creatures, he walks on all fours, and jumps on his prey like a cat. If the prey is secured, he at once puts it in his mouth and devours it. Daily a large number of people resort to the place to have a look at him. If money or any other metallic things are given to him, he throws them away. He is now being taught to eat cooked food, and has learnt to eat fried rice. Still he wears no clothes, and never enters a place of shelter save that of a tree. Lately he was attacked with cholera, and the Zemindar Babu having attempted to administer some medicines, he fled from his Cutcharry to a river bank, and there drank water to his heart's content, and thus escaped out of the clutches of the fell disease. In all respects he resembles a man, the only difference is that he cannot speak. It is not known how he got into the jungle. Some say that either he was lost during his infancy, or thrown away by his parents owing to their extreme poverty, while others say that he was carried away from his cradle by a wild animal where he grew up under providential care. But the popular belief is that he is a Yogi. In case any of your readers be inclined to satisfy his curiosity, he may find the boy at village Bazitpore, near the Dalsingsarai Railway Station on the Tirhut and Bengal Northwestern Railway."

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