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Dalsinghsarai is a town and a notified area in Samastipur district in the state of Bihar,India. The river traversing the town is Balan. Dalsinghsarai, also known as Dalsingsarai misnomerly, is a sub-division of Samastipur district The locality consists of rich alluvial soil that is noted for its fertility and for the excellence of its rabi crops. The town is one of the biggest agricultural hub for vegetable market (mandi) in northern Bihar. This locality is also known for its tobacco production. The town has direct train link with Patna, Kolkata, DelhiRanchi and other places of importance. National Highway No. 28 passes through the city which connects Barauni to Lucknow. Nearest airport Patna is at 100 KMs.

This place is much known for its famous sweets "Raskadam".


wahab jilani said...

good reaserh dude keep it up

Anonymous said...

Dalsinghsarai is 11 Km away form Ganges. It can be developed as a tourist hub. 100 years form now it will be one of the biggest cities in India

Unknown said...

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